The Association of Estonian Deck Officers (Eesti Laevajuhtide Liit) is a non-profit organisation founded in 25.11.2008. Although the association unites individuals having a similar profession, it is not a trade union.

An Idea to form such an organisation came from a group of friends who were studying together in the Estonian Maritime Academy. After graduation this group of friends kept arranging small reunions every now and then.  It was known that during 1920’s a similar union was functioning called Eesti Laewajuhatajate Selts. This information encouraged them to try to establish a similar organisation once again.

Around August 2008 many more of those interested in the same goals started to form an official organisation. The Formation process took long hours of discussions, many meetings to fulfil requirements of the legislation concerning non-profit organisation and drafting the articles for the association.

First the managing board was elected in 29.09.2008. Janno Laende became the first chairman of the board and Andrus Saulep, Raido Ruse, Janek Lember, Marek Kotsulim were elected as members of the board. At the same day articles of association were ratified. In those articles the following priorities are laid down:

  • to support the development of maritime sector in the Republic of Estonia;
  • to support and advise members in developing their professional skills and knowledge in their profession;
  • to support the  members’ professional, economical and social interests and rights before the employers, governmental and economical institutions;
  • to give legal advice to the members;
  • to promote deck officer’s profession to the general public;
  • to cooperate with international organisations and finding new contacts;

Now that the Association of Estonian Deck Officers has been active for some years, it has more than 130 members. All the members have the qualification of a deck officer or they are obtaining it in the Estonian Maritime Academy. Therefore, there are members from cadets to masters but not all our members are sailing the seven seas. Some of them have chosen to use their knowledge and experience on the shore in many different fields like education, port management, shipping management, traffic control etc. This variety in the organisation is making it flexible and gives more opportunities to fulfil the organisation’s goals.

If you are interested in cooperation or just need more information about the Association of Estonian Deck Officers contact us using the details on contact page.